My name is Masaharu Hayataki, and I am a freelance Japanese translator.I have completed more than 100 projects with positive feedback and translated more than 1 million English words to Japanese.

“Translate meaning, not words”This is the golden rule of translation. It also ensures that the end product will read smoothly in the target language and sound effortless to native ears while remaining true to the original meaning.

Hiring cheap translators for your work is like getting Kanji tattoos: it might look cool, but you may have ‘chicken noodle soup’ on your back!

You can find much cheaper translation services Their rate is often a quarter of the market price which is 0.09 to 0.13 USD per English word. My rate is between 0.08 and 0.15 USD per word of English to Japanese translation, depending on the complexity of the medium, topic, and the format of the original document(s).

Even though there are much cheaper competitors in the market, many successful companies will choose my services,  and some will even come to me after hiring cheaper translators because they need translations of a higher quality.

Some of my happy clientele

  • Lionbridge: Professional Translation Services & Localization Company
  • Oban International: International Digital Marketing Agency. (I also contribute to their market research.)
  • Eonian Tec: International Digital Marketing Agency.
  • Developer of task management application used by 7 million people  “Todoist”.
  • Global Business Guide in Indonesia

I have also worked with many well-known companies which I am sure you would have heard of. Unfortunately, due to our ‘non-disclosure agreement,' I am unable to divulge their names.


Normally I charge 0.13 USD per word for translation, which is slightly higher than market price (market price of translation is 0.8 - 0.12 USD per word). However, if you post feedback on LinkedIn and testimonial on my website, I give you discount.

Turn around time:

  • 72 hours after firm order confirmation for up to 10,000 words.
  • +24 hours for every additional 3,000 words.

Price per English word

  • Text Translation : 0.13 USD (0.1 USD)
  • PDF Translation : 0.2 USD (0.15 USD)
  • Code Localzation : 0.15 USD (0.1 USD)

* Price in "()" is the Linkedin review discounted price.
* Text translation should not include code such as <a href=""></a>
* Code Localization is translation of text that includes code such as <a href=""></a> . However, if you texts don't have many codes, I could apply price for text translation.

I accept the following payment method.

  • Paypal
  • Credit card
  • Crowdsourcing websites such as and
  • Wire transfer

Please send me text so that I can quote.

Any other information such as the file format, special request for marketing advice to tap the Japanese market or any further queries is always welcome. I will review the content that I receive and get back to you with my best rate.

Request for quote

When contacting me, please mention the following:

  • the type of service you’re interested in (translation, proofreading, editing, etc.),
  • the subject matter of the file,
  • an estimated word count, and
  • the deadline.

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