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Everything you need to enter the Japanese market.



I translate/transcreate various text.

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Website Translation

I translate Website Contents from English to Japanese.

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I write/translate ads text for PPC in Japanese.

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On-Page SEO and Link Buidling in Japanese

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Influencer Marketing

Connecting you with media and bloggers in Japan

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Consulting about marketing in Japan

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About Masaharu Hayataki

I’m a Marketing and Copywriting Ninja, highly trained guerrilla warriors from Japan, loyal, quick, brave, strategic, efficient, diligent, cunning, and knowledgeable.

I’m aware of my surroundings and market environment in Japan. I know how to use marketing weapons and beat bigger and stronger opponents. I move in the quickest, easiest and most efficient ways to do their work to reach your goals.

I’m a black belt master of remote working. I’m available everywhere.

My Happy Clients

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How to be a Freelance Translator

7 steps to become a nomad freelance translator when you have no experience

Don’t wait. The time will never be right. ― Napoleon Hill Knowledge should be available for free and nowadays much of it already is. Before the invention of the internet you needed to go to school to learn whereas now you can study almost anything for free online. For example, the skills needed for learning languages and […]

5 Tips for Amazon Japan Translation and Copywriting

Opening Amazon Japan ( is not an easy process. You need a Japanese phone number, address, and customer support representative. You may also be required to get permission to sell your products in Japan depending on the nature of your product (e.g. alcohol). You cannot ship your goods to Amazon like sending a gift to […]

Does Japanese really have no swear words?

A language without swear words doesn’t seem like it should be possible, though this is not the only thing that will shock you.

Marketing laws in Japan

Marketing laws in Japan that you didn’t know about

Making the leap into the overseas market involves more than just identifying a new market and breaking into it. You might fall into legal pitfalls without prior research. Some regions around the world have stricter rules about marketing than others. Japan is one of such place. In this article, I am going to introduce you […]

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