My name is Masaharu Hayataki, and I am a freelance marketing consultant, specialized in a foreign market entry to Japan using digital marketing and translation for start-up companies and small and medium enterprise in e-commerce, software, mobile application, and finance sectors.

I have completed more than 100 projects with positive feedback. I am a certified partner of Google Adwords and Google Analytics. I have five years of experience in digital marketing and five years of experience in sales.

Agencies are expensive and slow, especially agencies in Japan. Agencies in U.K, U.S., EU outsource people like me. Why not skip the middleman and work with me directly?

Goal oriented, analytical, and quick approach

A thorough research online marketing plan prepares you to dramatically increase your audience and impact online.

I produce online marketing plans that include these elements:

  • Goals assessment: I will start by identifying the goals your online marketing efforts will support, to make sure that the time and resources you put in are strategic investments.
  • Baseline analysis: I will review existing data on your website and social media accounts to determine how many people are currently connecting with you online and how they find you. Google analytics allows you identify who came from which medium, and who buys products or share your contents on social media.
  • PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act): I will create slides for my marketing plan which includes market analysis, strategy to implement, how to measure the impact, and expected outcome.

Other elements are SWOT and TOWS analysis, STP (Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning), and AIDMA and AISAS which you may not see in slides because I might just write it on a piece of paper to keep billable time as short as possible.

Adjust your marketing strategy to Japan

Successful companies, businesses or strategies are not always successful in another country.

Old Navy, Office Depot, Tesco, Walmart, Calfur, IHOP, Dunkin Donuts, Sports Authority, Printemps, ING have failed in Japan. Citibank, Mcdonald’s, Sephora are not doing good. Foreign cars are not sold well in Japan because we have good domestic brands.

Why? Because the market environment is different. There are seven elements in the foreign marketing environment.

  • Political and regulatory environment
  • Economic conditions
  • Competition
  • Media and social media
  • Logistics
  • Technology
  • Cultural and social factors

You can adjust first six elements of your marketing to Japan, but you cannot adjust your marketing strategy to culture in Japan without speaking the language and living there for a very long time, you absolutely need to adjust it.

Entertainment is a good indication of cultural difference, and entertainment market in Japan is almost weirdly different. Manga and anime are very popular entertainment in Japan, comedy in Japan is different, nobody knows Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory or Friends.

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Any other info, such as what you already know about the Japanese market, unique sales proposition of your product, what you have already done to enter the Japanese market, is always welcome. I’ll review everything and get back to you with my best rate.

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