Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing in Japan
My name is Masaharu Hayataki, and I am a freelance Japanese digital marketing specialist.

Influencer marketing, also known as ambassador marketing, evangelist marketing, is a type of social media marketing which you leverage influence of

  • popular bloggers,
  • Instagrammers,
  • twitter users,
  • Youtuber, or
  • TV celebrities

to generate lead and reinforce your brand identity. Companies like Microsoft, Evernote, Daniel Wellington, Chanel, British Airways, Nikon and million other companies employ this marketing.tactics. It is almost difficult to find B2C businesses that haven’t employed these tactics yet.

As customers nowadays increasingly favor information from peers, social network connections and industry experts over formal marketing messages and advertising, needs, and competition to connect to influencers are getting bigger.

If you want to …

  • Create valuable relationships with influencers to advocate for the brand
  • Create more, high-quality content for marketing through influencer partnerships
  • Reach new communities of buyers and even more niche influencers
  • Create user community

In Japan, I can offer…

  • Integrated Influencer Marketing Strategy
  • Influencer Identification, Recruiting & Outreach

Influencer marketing in Japan requires not only native level of Japanese language but also basic marketing knowledge such as creating target persona, understanding unique sales proposition, and other general marketing strategy planning.

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When contacting me, please mention the following:

  • URL of website of your company
  • Whether you have Japanese customers or not.

Any other info, such as your competitors, unique sales proposition of your product, or a special request or request for marketing advice to tap the Japanese market is always welcome. I’ll review everything and get back to you with my best rate.

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