Website Localization

“Translate meaning, not words” – The Golden Rule of Translation.

About me

    • 5 years of experience in translation, copywriting, and online marketing
  • Knowledgeable in keyword research, SEO on-page optimization, PPC, HTML, CSS, WordPress, Photoshop, InDesign


I’ve worked with several Japanese people. It’s rare that you come across talent like Masaharu. He is by far the best Japanese freelancer to work with.

– Bram Duindam at Eonian tec S.L.

Nice Japanese translation speed & quality and familiar with online marketing tool as well !

– Fox Chen at COBINHOOD, Ltd.

I highly recommend working with Masaharu. He handled the localisation, proofreading and SEO optimisation of our website in Japanese in a very short time and in a very professional manner. I am already looking forward to working together on future projects.

– Michal Nakoneczny at Hachi Media

Masaharu is an excellent translator and a dedicated marketing, PR and marketing representative for the Japanese marketplace. He has advanced skills in areas relating to social media, tech, and SEO, and is always willing to add insight to a conversation. Under Masaharu’s leadership, Japan became one of our top markets globally.

– Chase Warrington at Doist. Ltd

You should hire me because…

“If you build it, they will come.” That line may have worked in Field of Dreams, but it’s bad advice for your web marketing strategy.

Only 2.4% of searchers open the tenth page in their search results. If you are in the first position, 33% of searchers will visit your web page. Kissmetrics reported that the average bounce rate* is 40%. The average time on a site is 190 seconds.

* Percentage of visitors who land on the website and then leave (“bounce”) rather than continuing on to view other pages.

When localizing your website, you need to make sure that your website attracts the right target audience and gets them stay on your website until they do something like purchase, sign up, or share, and do it better than your competitors.

Quality translation is not really about natural to native eyes or error-free, or not even accurate to source text. It’s about achieving your business goals.Your web content is not just there to say something, it’s there to get quote requests, get investors, generate leads, or encourage social share.

Which is why I don’t translate. I transcreate your text to achieve your business goal.

Cheap translators may get your entire website translated into Japanese, but it results in low conversion rate, high bounce rate, and sometimes bad publicity.

I read text in the source language, conduct web research to understand the target audience in Japan, conduct a SEO keyword research to optimize your contents to search engine, create great sales copy, adjust style sheets to Japanese typography, proofread, proofread again, check legal compliance to local laws, and deliver the localized text to you to make sure that you achieve your business goals.

Service includes

    1. SEO research
    1. Making glossary
    1. Translation (including meta tags)
    1. Proofreading by a machine
    1. Proofreading by another machine
    1. Proofreading by yet another machine
    1. Proofreading by me
    1. Proofreading by a proofreader
    1. Delivery to you
  1. Checking design

Turnaround Time

    • 72 hours for up to 10,000 words
  • +24 hours for every additional 3,000 words.


    • 0.13 USD per word
  • 20% discount for Linkedin recommendation

(The market price of translation is 0.9 – 0.13 USD per word)

Payment Method

    • Paypal
    • Credit card
  • Wire transfer
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